Welcome to AIMS

The ASSOCIATION OF INLAND MISSION SCHOOLS (AIMS) is an intercultural, international, faith-based organization of the evangelical tradition, comprising Americans, Liberians and other nationals who are committed to primary, elementary and secondary education in the West African Republic of Liberia which is recovering from a devastating military revolution that left the nation and its people battered, bruised and broken.



Bahn Catawba


The purpose of the scholarship is to promote Christian Education at Bahn Mission School through establishing a college scholarship fund for outstanding students.

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Guest House

Guest House Project

The Guest House Project is part of the larger
Saclepea Project that was designed by
Missionary Tech's Bob Schill in 2011.

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Gay Peter
Teacher Training

Gay Perter Grads

These teachers are very much committed to their work at the school and doing very well with the children.

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A Special memorial to
Rev. Donald Wuanti Sr.

The beginnings of AIMS.

Reverend Donald Wuanti Sr

Reverend Donald Wuanti Sr

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